Writing resources

If you find yourself wanting to write and get paid for it, here are some things I’ve found helpful over the years:

  • Who Pays Writers?
  • An excellent writing workshop in podcast form
  • This website for finding editor emails
  • This blog post. 
  • Beware the writer scammer! You don’t need to pay for a class, writing coach or a writing coach. Just write some bad first drafts and edit the heck out of them.
  • Even if you’re not a science writer, there’s a ton of good info about pitching (including examples of successful pitches) here
  • This video on not destroying your wrists
  • Look at all these resources, helpfully compiled into one page!
  • Don’t forget to eat, even when you have $20 in your checking account and are waiting on thousands of dollars in late invoices. This requires three ingredients plus a bag of 99-cent pasta from Trader Joe’s, and is extremely hands off, allowing you to knock out a few “just checking in on this invoice!” emails while it simmers