I’m a freelance journalist in the Bay Area.  I also offer copywriting services (web copy, content writing, email newsletters, ghost blogging, print copy). Sometimes I tweet. You can reach me at shelbypope@cal.berkeley.edu


The Best Place to Buy Your Whiskey is Actually the Duty Free.” (GQ) Pick up a bottle the next time you fly.
Cake: It’s Not Just For Breakfast” (Oakland Magazine) Debbie Goard, a former erotic baker, makes delicious cakes that look like eggs, sneakers, and bowls of ramen.

Some of my favorite 2016 pieces:

Believe it or not, pigeons aren’t half-bad as pets” (Washington Post) Why one Bay Area pigeon rescue is trying to rebrand “rats with wings” as the ideal pet.

Meet Bad Transfer, The Bus-Driving Rock Stars of Golden Gate Transit” (KQED) In 2006, a Golden Gate Transit bus driver got bored of watching ‘Judge Judy’ on his breaks between shifts and picked up a guitar — and the rest is rock ‘n’ roll history.

Jell-O Shots Grow Up” (Men’s Journal) The rise of fancy Jell-O shots, and how to make them at home.

The $30 Serum Reddit Is Obsessed With” (Racked) How the cheerful Asian Beauty subreddit inspired a cult product.

Can Pee-Resistant Paint Stop the Scourge of Public Urination?” (Mel) I learned about (and tried) walls painted with a hydrophobic coating in SF and Berkeley. I also learned the delightful German word for people who pee in public: wildpinklers.